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Razor LHT 3-15x50 G4i BDC

Razor LHT 3-15x50 G4i BDC

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From Midwest whitetail fields to open country mule deer, the Razor HD LHT is the one long range hunting optic you need to fill those faraway tags. Builton a lightweight platform, the Razor HD LHT combines stunning HD clarity with tack sharp resolution to create an optical system that's as clear atfirst light as it is at high noon. And, for cloudy days, you get push button illumination on a reticle that's already intuitive and easy to use. What really pushes the Razor HD LHT into must have territory is the locking elevation turret, and our exclusive RevStop Zero System, which gives you a rock solid return to zero so you can dial as much as you need to. Extend your effective range with the Razor HD LHT.

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