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Vortex Optics

Razor Gen III 6-36x56 FFP EBR-7D MRAD

Razor Gen III 6-36x56 FFP EBR-7D MRAD

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The intensity of long-range, tactical situations can push even the best shooters to their limits. When that intensity defines your shooting experience, the Razor® HD Gen III 6-36x56 FFP offers the precision tools you need to act quickly and decisively. Built around the perfect balance of magnification and field of view, you get an optical system with the resolution and contrast you need to clearly identify far away targets in-scope. To get the absolute most out of the First Focal Plane reticle, the EBR-7D presents a clean sight picture while still providing ample wind holds and ranging information. The L-Te c+™ Zero Stop System with micro-adjust dial means a rapid return to an ultra-fast, fine-tuned zero. Round it out with a rugged build designed for the field and you have the long-range tactical solution you’ve been waiting for.

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